Riserve Naturalistiche e Parchi Nazionali in Croazia

Il magnifico territorio della Croazia, incastonato come un gioiello di meraviglie naturali, contempla numerosissimi parchi nazionali, parchi naturali, riserve marine e naturalistiche.

La ricchezza d’acqua in questi luoghi crea un un meraviglioso microclima che dai monti al mare la rende effettivamente unica.

Un viaggio in croazia per godere una natura incontaminata, un’alchimia magica per una vacanza indimenticabile.

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La parte settentrionale della Dalmazia, a nord del fiume Zermagna – o Morlacchia – è una stretta regione corrispondente all’incirca al versante marittimo dell’ala settentrionale della Grande Cappella (dal passo di Urata fino all’incontro coi Velebiti) e dei monti Velebiti.

La sua parte meridionale (a sud del fiume Cettina), consta del versante marino delle alture erzegovine dei monti Albi (1762 m) e montenegrine. Le cime più importanti della Dalmazia sono il Troglav (1915 m), il Dinara (1841 m), il Monsaureo (1331 m), il monte Capraro e il monte Orjen (1895 m).

Fanno parte della Dalmazia tutte le isole dell’Adriatico orientale. Le principali isole dalmate, escludendo le isole quarnerine, sono: PagoIsola LungaUglianoPasman, le IncoronateBrazzaLesinaCurzolaLissaLagostaMeleda.

I fiumi più importanti della Dalmazia sono la Zermagna, la Cherca, la Cettina e il delta della Narenta, fiume erzegovese che sfocia a sud dei monti Albi.

Il principale specchio d’acqua dolce dalmata, il lago di Vrana, si trova nella Dalmazia settentrionale, sulla costa fra Zara e Sebenico.

Il terreno è di natura calcarea per cui sono molto frequenti fenomeni carsici come la formazione di doline, foibe e grotte. La Dalmazia ha una ricca idrografia sotterranea. rif. Wikipedia

Croatia has reopened the borders to the nautical guests and is ready for the new yachting season!

Croatia is one of the least affected countries in Europe with COVID-19 and as the number of confirmed cases of infection is decreasing, the Croatian government has opened borders since May, the 15th to all international tourists!
Self-quarantine and testing are not required but everyone is expected to follow the prescribed anti-COVID 19 health measures of precautions in order to help prevent the disease from spreading.
Although our cleaning measures and cleaning standards were always high, due to the new situation of COVID-19 we have adopted the additional measures of hygiene and protection for our clients and our workers, so that for both of them the maximum security is provided when renting our boats. 
We want to guarantee the well-being of both our staff and guests and ensure that chartering our yachts will be as safe and smooth as possible:use of face masks by the staff during the check-insocial distancing of 1,5 meters during the reception processopen-air briefing processall yachts thoroughly cleaned and disinfected both at the exterior and interior surfaces, particularly high contact areas such as door handles, steering wheels, cupboards, dashboards, etcbottle of alcohol-based hand rub will be providedin order to put the pressure off the Saturday this season, we offer any day charter 
We kindly ask our clients the following:upon entering Croatia, clients need to continue to be careful in their everyday life and pay attention to the hygiene that is the best protection from the virusfollow guidelines of frequently washing hands with soap and water, also provided by usfollow guidelines of open hatches whenever possible to make sure the area is well ventilatedall the crew members and boaters are recommended to limit their visits to the shore only to the most necessary ones in the first 14 days of stay in the Republic of Croatia 
Documents that are needed for entering Croatia are booking confirmation and a certified crew list.
Social distancing seems to be very much in day order, hence chartering a sailing yacht is considered to be the safest way of vacations. 

For detailed instructions check the following link https://bit.ly/2yiYqVh

Croatia is a safe and friendly destination for everybody and we look forward to welcoming you on board!